Looping, Ableton and Max for Live Patching

Boss RC-300 Tempo sync

Multi-Track Ableton Looper Device

Tri-looper rack

Quantisation behaviour in Ableton

Visual feedback

Max Patching

The whole patch
Track & device selectors
Track selectors wiring
Track selectors wiring
Comment box for track
How to get the object name & set it to a comment
How to get the object name
The looper HUDs
Internals of the looper HUDs
The HUD logic
The Looper device "PATH"
Modifying the PATH to get the first parameter
Observing the parameter VALUE property
Showing different text/colors depending on the state parameter value

Automatically finding the Looper IDs

The automatic HUDs patch
Wiring, with minimal changes from the previous version

Things that could have been better

That's all



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